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We all have seen those people giving away brochures in crowded places. What is our first reaction? Take a quick scan to the pamphlet and if  the information is appealing we will keep it, otherwise it will end up in the trashcan.

The main purpose of a brochure is: communicate. Either telling about your services, how people can reach you or answering recurrent questions about your business.

But what makes a brochure appealing? Here are a couple of tips to make sure your information stays in the hands of your target.

Catch the eye of your target

Doing a brochure is like telling a story, you have to keep the attention of your audience. This starts with making your front cover noticeable, a common mistake is to use this spot to place the company instead of showing your idea. There is a place to do this in another part of the brochure.

You have a limited amount of space!

Normally a brochure has six panels, which may look like a lot of space, but once you add pictures and information. This space will not seem enough, the goal is to say what you want to in a few and precise sentences.

Simplicity is a virtue

We can't stress enough the fact you have to include only the relevant facts you want people to see. That’s why it’s important to always use short sentences and use a friendly voice. Avoid writing technicisms that would lose your targets attention.

Be empathic!

Once you established a dialogue, it´s  easier to direct your audience to your products and services. Remember, this It’s all about your customers and how you can be useful to them, not the other way around.

Include a call to action

All this information is pointless if you don't add the next step! Make sure to address your customers to your product or service where they can reach you; website, phone number, address.

A brochure is another way to showcase your business! Use it! It may look like complex task but don't worry! You are not alone! If you are printing in Red Deer make sure to stop by Rayacom, where a friendly staff is willing to help you!