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When you’re thinking about getting your business out there, you may think about strategies, design, colors, and other related issues. But, if you’re printing up your promotional materials, do you know what kind of paper you should use?

Having a clear purpose and objective is key for deciding what characteristics your paper should have! But, if you’ve moved past this point and are now asking “how to choose the right paper for my prints?” the Rayacom in Red Deer has some pointers just for you! 

The Right Paper to Send the Right Message!

To Coat or Not To Coat
This has to do with the appearance and feel of the paper!

Coating means the paper has been covered with a polish that makes it softer to the touch and gives it a certain glow. The finish you choose for it will determine how shiny your paper will be (satin, glossy, or matte). Coating is commonly used for photographs and magazines.

On the other hand, and uncoated paper is a lot more textured, and rough to the touch. Since it’s not layered with a coat, the look and feel is that of regular paper, meaning that it doesn’t glisten. This makes it the perfect choice for documents, books, and similar material.

The Paper’s Size and Thickness!
Again, this has to do with your objective! The more your promotional material will have to endure, the thicker it should be, and the heavier it will get. Likewise, the size will be determined by what you’re trying to achieve. 

MatterThese can be affected by the other choices you make regarding your paper. But it basically means how transparent and how much light your material will emit. This can be important when thinking about how readable your prints will be!

Color it Good
The color of the paper can be very important, especially if you’re printing text! Of course, there is colored paper, but there’s different shades of white as well! Pick one that goes well with your objective and you’ll be set!

For Your Printing Needs
If you’re ready to print but you’re still confused about your design, colors or the paper you should use, come down to Rayacom! We’ll be happy to help you and provide all you need for printing in Red Deer!