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Making sure employees are motivated should be a big part of every company! Happy and encouraged workers are more likely to keep a nice environment at the office and to produce better results.

For example, with a few motivational posters in your office, your co-workers will be enthusiastic, unified, and more in tune with your brand! Plus, they help decorate the office which can also make the people working there more energetic.

If you’re currently on the search for a way to motivate your employees, motivational posters could be a great way to do it. If you’re lost on how to do it, the Rayacom in Red Deer is here to give you a hand, so read on! 

How to Design a Motivational Poster

Pick a Theme

Before you begin, you need to envision what you want! Pick a theme that will go well with your idea. This will determine everything else in your posters so choose wisely. 

If you’re doing more than one poster, it’s advised that even though each one is different, that they have a compliant theme so they look as part of the same strategy.

Get on With the Palette
Now that you know which direction you want to take your posters in, it’s time to pick a color palette. The use of color psychology can come in handy: brighter colors are more energetic, while duller colors emit seriousness.

It’s a good idea to include your brand colors in your posters so they are more personalized and make more sense in your office environment.

Background / Imagery
Whether it is a solid color, a drawing, a collage, or a picture, you need to pick a background that goes well with your theme and color palette. This is the base of your poster so make sure you find the one that will fulfill the purpose you want.

About images, make sure they go with your theme, phrase, color theme and that don’t clash with your background so everything looks more cohesive.

Phrase It Good
Now, for the phrase: keep it short, make it motivational, give credit (if applicable), and choose a typography thoughtfully. Remember that this is the whole point of the motivational poster so look thoroughly until you find or come up with a phrase(s) that can engage your co-workers.

Let Your Brand Be Seen!
Use your logo, slogan, colors (as mentioned above) or mascot to personalize your poster. This can cause your employees to become more committed to your brand because they’ll feel part of a team! 

We’re still in January which means that you can still make it good for the rest year in your company. If you want your employees to be more devoted and eager to come to work and do a good job each day, give motivational posters a try!

If you want to give it a go, and you need a company to help you design or to take care of the printing in Red Deer, Rayacom is here for you! We’ll see that your professional needs are fulfilled with our variety of services!