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As you may have noticed already, colors affect the way we react to certain circumstances and things! This is why fast food restaurants have a very bright color story, while hospitals have pure, clean, toned down, colors. Colors are a tool through which we tell others what we’re about. 

This, obviously, transfers into the business world too! Your brand colors send a message to your audience. If you’re interested to know what they’re saying, the Rayacom in Red Deer has a list with common colors and their meanings! This way, you can take this information into consideration if you ever want to design a logo or image for your business!

What Colors Mean!

White often is involved with messages of peace, cleanliness, innocence, and serenity! 

Black is a hue that demands respect and transmits seriousness, elegance, conservatism, and mystery.

Brown is the color of the Earth, which is why this hue is often in an organic context or to portray strength and solemnity.

It’s called gray matter for a reason! Grey is the sleek color that represents the mind, intellect, and knowledge.

Yellow is a color that, like the sun, transmits a lot of energy. It’s also associated with fun, spontaneity, joy, and confidence. It’s an eye catcher for sure!

Trees and grass are green, which makes it the perfect color to express nature, harmony, health and hope!

Blue is a beautiful color that’s everywhere: you can see it in the sky, and you can marvel at it in the sea. Which is why it represents coolness, calmness, trust, and stability.

Purple is combination of the cool blue and the passionate red, which makes for a color that’s commonly associated with royalty, mystique, and fantasy!

Think about pink, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It probably has something to do with femininity, love and tenderness!

Red is an intense color! It often portrays passion, danger, warmth or love. It can also create urgency, so use it wisely!

Orange is a radiant color that oozes happiness, optimism, originality, and creativity! Talk about a pick-me-up color!

Colors are what bring out surroundings to life! They help us determine how we feel about certain items and can even help you make a more thoughtful decision of what you put out there! Just remember that the combination of colors and their intensity can change their meaning too, so beware of what you use them for! 

Yes, it’s very important to think about which colors you employ to represent your business, but it can be a tough decision! If you need help with designing or printing in Red Deer, Rayacom can help you and your business! We can provide the design and promotional material you need to get the message out about your business!