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When you’re thinking about getting your business out there, you may think about strategies, design, colors, and other related issues. But, if you’re printing up your promotional materials, do you know what kind of paper you should use?

Having a clear purpose and objective is key for deciding what...
Your brand is the most representative part about your company: it’s what sets you apart from others and what tells your clients who you are. So, to say that getting it just right for your small business is important, is a big understatement!

Fortunately, the Rayacom in Red Deer is here to give you...
As you may have noticed already, colors affect the way we react to certain circumstances and things! This is why fast food restaurants have a very bright color story, while hospitals have pure, clean, toned down, colors. Colors are a tool through which we tell others what we’re about. 

Making sure employees are motivated should be a big part of every company! Happy and encouraged workers are more likely to keep a nice environment at the office and to produce better results.

For example, with a few motivational posters in your office, your co-workers will be enthusiastic,...
Many of us promise to lead a more organized lifestyle in the new year. Still, it can be very overwhelming! Our intentions may be there but breaking old habits (or even just trying to figure out where to start) is hard!If you’re trying to start the year right at work but don’t know how to approach...
One of the most popular Christmas presents each year are gift cards! They’re perfect because it’s just basically giving money for the recipients to shop at a store for something they’ll love.  

Still, some companies may be on the fence about them because they don’t see the real benefit for...
Let’s face it, your business has represented a lot of hard work that started from the moment when you got the idea and we know Its been a long way; getting sufficient funds, convincing others to join you, trying to control all the small things that could go wrong.

It’s been a long journey and It’s...
We all have seen those people giving away brochures in crowded places. What is our first reaction? Take a quick scan to the pamphlet and if  the information is appealing we will keep it, otherwise it will end up in the trashcan.

The main purpose of a brochure is: communicate. Either telling...